WLKY Interview – Forest Clevenger and Emily Slaven

DuPont Manual junior and sophomore, Forest Clevenger and Emily Slaven, spoke about compassion and service, in particular, advocacy.  They reminded viewers that advocacy is an extremely important, but often unrecognized form of service.  Forest expressed the goal of both the Mayor’s Give A Day week and WE Day Kentucky – to get adults and young people doing service all year long, not just for one week.  Many times a one-day service project can evolve into a monthly event, as it did with Manual High School’s Shelby Park Clean-up.  A one-day March can launch a generation of people standing up for what they believe is right, and helping bring about change.  Emily and Forest expressed their views that compassion is the most fundamental component of unifying for the greater good, and  they encouraged all young people and adults interested in walking in solidarity with those students promoting compassion, to come join WE Day Kentucky’s 2400 students to Walk for Compassion at 12:45 in front of the Kentucky Center, on April 17th.

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