For Teachers

For Teachers

Service Learning Resources Just A Click Away

Are you a  4th – 12th grade teacher that wants to enrich the lives of your students while making a positive change locally and globally? If so, then check out all the amazing resources you can access for Free when you sign up to be a WE Teacher! Including service project resources, service learning modules and event professional development courses.

Download Some Sample Resources

Start With The Basics

Need help getting service-based learning started in your classroom? Here are some issue cards to get you and your students thinking about global and local issues, how they affect you, and how to impact change in your community and around the world.

WE-Wellbeing Module

The purpose of this module is to provide educators with a sequenced approach to develop supportive instructional practices, build positive relationships and create safe and caring environments that foster student engagement and learning.

WE Are Digital Citizens

This module is designed to help students understand what their digital footprint is and how their online activity can affect it. Students will learn about factors that create their digital footprint and the steps they can take to manage it.

WE Schools Events

Each month WE hosts events for you and your students! From Professional Development sessions to build your teacher toolbox, to Global Classrooms to inspire your class to make a difference, you don’t want to miss a thing. Here is a calendar to keep you up-to-date on all the fun events!