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Being like-minded change-makers, creating a global community bound by compassion is a yearlong commitment. Read what WE have been up to!

One Student’s Approach to Sustainable Haut Couture

UK student Chloe Corso writes: “After peering into my pantry and eyeing the familiar plastic grocery bag stuffed with more bags, I finally began to see the mound in a new light. I decided I could turn the waste into a piece of art, something the bags were absolutely not... Continue Reading »

WE Day Schedule

WE Day Kentucky Schedule *Please note this is still provisional and may change slightly before April 20th!* 10:00 -11:00 Pre-show with live music – a good time to enjoy the music and work on your Call To Action project or do some of the interactive activities! 11:00 WE Day Kentucky... Continue Reading »

What’s in those super cool Watch Party Kits?

While we can’t come together in person to celebrate WE Day this year, it doesn’t mean it can’t be tons of fun!! To help with this, we’ve created fun, informative and resource-packed Watch Party Kits for your use creating an interactive, fun celebration AND for helping carry the spirit of... Continue Reading »