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Being like-minded change-makers, creating a global community bound by compassion is a yearlong commitment. Read what WE have been up to!

Help Scare Away Hunger In your Community

Imagine you’re a student trying to do your homework, but you didn’t have any dinner, so you’re too hungry to concentrate. Then you go to bed hungry so you don’t sleep well. You go to school knowing that you’ll get food there, but it won’t be enough to fuel your... Continue Reading »

Youth Voices Speak Out on Environmental Justice

My name is Sophie Geraghty, and I am a junior at Seneca High School. My passion for environmental sustainability stemmed from a question. My question was simply, why? Why do we use plastic bags rather than paper? Why do we use plastic water bottles rather than metal ones? Because of... Continue Reading »

WE 365: Youth Voices on Environmental Justice

My name is Lauren Wood and I’m a sophomore at DuPont Manual High School. I’m passionate about advancing environmental sustainability because climate change is an issue of climate justice. POC and lower-income individuals are hit hardest by the effects of climate change and are taken advantage of by polluting companies.... Continue Reading »