For Students

For Students

Hello Changemakers!

What makes service learning so awesome? Well, if you’re anything like most students today, you care about certain issues and causes. SERVICE LEARNING allows you to work on projects (often with other students and friends) that make a positive impact on these causes.

Over the last 10 years, WE Day KY have helped thousands of students just like you support social, environmental or wellness issues that affect young people in your school or community. The one thing we have learned is that you don’t have to wait to make a difference! Together, we will change the world, and we can do it NOW!



PLEASE (yes, we’re begging) take a minute and follow WE Day KY on social media and help us spread the word and support other students. #WEDayKY #Changemakers.



Talk to your teachers about WE Day KY, and encourage them to sign up for WE TEACHERS here. WE TEACHERS is a great resource supporting service learning that will be sent every month, including guides, examples and “how to’s”.



Get started on YOUR OWN service project with the resources below!


Calling all filmmakers, video stars and social media influencers… WE FILM for CHANGE needs you! Sign up today and we’ll send you a FREE filmmakers kit filled with tips, tricks, and tutorials to help bring your idea to life! Record a short clip of your class’s service project, make a documentary about a social or environmental issue you’re passionate about, or interview another student who’s making a difference in their community- all ideas are welcome! 


By submitting your film to WE FILM for CHANGE, you’ll be entered for some amazing prizes, too! Give it a try- show us what you can do.


Sometimes the hardest part of SERVICE LEARNING is getting started. That’s why we have gathered a few awesome guides that will provide step-by-step instructions for a successful  project. These topics supporting the environment, water scarcity, and inclusivity are interesting, fun and create real impact!

More guides are available here at WE.ORG Check it out!

WE Go Green

When we go green together, anything is possible! Whether it’s taking a sustainability pledge to reduce plastic or starting a garden at your school or in your community, you have the power to create a greener world for everyone to enjoy.

WE Walk For Water

Water is very important to life. When communities have clean water, girls can attend school instead of fetching water for their households, parents can run sustainable farms and families can avoid waterborne illnesses.

An Inclusive World

An inclusive world where everyone can participate is possible when we use our creativity. By taking part in the WE Are One campaign, you can use your skills and explore ways you can make your school and community more inclusive.


Do you have an issue that is near and dear to your heart? Want to support a local organization, initiative or non-profit through service learning? can help! Just download this Do It Yourself campaign guide and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to stirring up some social good with your very own do-good campaign!