Youth Voices Speak Out on Environmental Justice

My name is Sophie Geraghty, and I am a junior at Seneca High School.

My passion for environmental sustainability stemmed from a question. My question was simply, why? Why do we use plastic bags rather than paper? Why do we use plastic water bottles rather than metal ones? Because of the ongoing global warming crisis, I was inspired to do more research about the recycling process. Did you know that most plastic bags don’t get recycled? Actually, most things that are meant to be recycled, don’t get recycled. If one thing in your recycle can is contaminated, all of the items will be banished to the landfill. This information made me even more passionate to not just recycle but to push for the production of more biodegradable packaging and disposable items. 

You may be asking yourself, how does this affect me? Well, just think. How often do you see cigarette butts on your evening walk? How often do you see plastic bags blowing in the wind? Next time you’re at the grocery store, pay attention to how much unnecessary plastic is used. It would be more beneficial to limit the use of plastic and use more paper-based products! Let’s work together to make the change! With enough work and effort, we can change the world!