WE Day Schedule

WE Day Kentucky Schedule

*Please note this is still provisional and may change slightly before April 20th!*

10:00 -11:00 Pre-show with live music – a good time to enjoy the music and work on your Call To Action project or do some of the interactive activities!

11:00 WE Day Kentucky begins with Igniting Your Spark!  Music, speakers and fun videos, including Hannah Alper, Mighty Shades of Ebony, River City Drum Corp, Jackson Snelling and 3 generations of amazing musicians joined by their passion for educational justice – Harry Pickens, Maestro J and Strike A Chord founder, Daniel Bronfman!

Please Note: Our segment with Jackson Snelling at 11:30 touches on the topic of suicide.  Please advise your students, allowing anyone needing to do so to protect their mental health by stepping away for this 3 minute conversation if this is a triggering topic for them. Missing this segment will not impact their enjoyment of the remainder of our program. We look forward to you rejoining our celebration. Resources: 1-800-273-TALK (National Suicide Prevention Hotline)/Text “Strength” to 741-741 (Crisis Text Line)

12:00 We take it broader, and talk about Strength in numbers with more great performances, student leaders and inspiration from National Geographic photographer and PhotoArk Founder Joel Sartore!    

12:30 –  We go Global and hear from inspiring leaders, including Raptivist Sonita Alizadeh, who are truly trying to make the world a better place. And of course there’s more music and THE WE DAY DANCE!  

1:00 WE Day Kentucky 2022 is a wrap! 

**Please note you are welcome to eat at ANY time throughout the program!**