WE 365: Youth Voices on Inclusivity

Inclusivity is the topic for WE 365: Youth Voices on May 30, and we’ll hear from Katelyn Wo, a senior at Sacred Heart Academy and member of the Youth Board.

My name is Katelyn Wo and I am currently a junior at Sacred Heart Academy. One thing that I am very passionate about and have helped to serve is children and adults who have physical/mental disabilities. I think it is so important for our public schools and community programs to have available resources for families and children with disabilities, such as autism or Down Syndrome, to insure that children can be met where they are and worked closely with.

Last summer, I had the privilege of volunteering at Dreams with Wings summer camp, who works alongside both kids and adults with disabilities. They create lots of incredible opportunities and activities all throughout the summer to do with the patrons, such as visiting water parks, the dinosaur park, movies, having crafts, talent shows, and so much more. The community and friendships that the campers get to make there are so incredible and life-changing for them. I also got to form so many cool relationships with the campers. One of my favorite memories is during the camper’s talent show on the last day of camp, three of them sang one of the songs from “The Greatest Showmen” and had the cutest costumes and everything to go with it! I genuinely learned so much from my experience there about how to talk to and care for kids and adults with disabilities and how important a tight-knit and supportive community is to them. I absolutely loved being a part of their community and can’t wait to hopefully see them again this summer!