WE 365: Youth Voices on Education

Education is the topic for WE 365: Youth Voices on May 13, and we’ll hear from Sam Berman, a rising senior at KCD and WE Day KY Youth Board Member.

There are many significant issues that I am passionate about; however, one of the issues that I care most about is education. There are many shocking global statistics that show that education systems could strengthen such as there are 260 million children who do not attend school and 750 million adults are illiterate worldwide. Since I am very adamant about education, I’ve decided to do a few things to help people in the community. At my school, I work in the Peer Writing Center where I help kids with their writing. I want them to enjoy writing just as much as I do.

The other big project that I have done is organize a book drive at my school. Over one thousand chapter and picture books were collected. These books were donated to a few organizations across the city, such as the Bluegrass Autism Center, Home of the Innocents, Americana, and the Family Scholar House. I still have to donate the rest of these books to a couple of these places because the days that I was supposed to donate the books got canceled due to COVID-19. I think that it is very important that children across the state still study and do their schoolwork even though there is a pandemic. It is crucial that people take time out of their days to tutor children virtually as well during these difficult times. My primary goal is to continue helping kids by tutoring and providing resources for them and helping organizations strengthen their education systems.      -Sam Berman, KCD, class of 2021.