One Student’s Approach to Sustainable Haut Couture

UK student Chloe Corso writes: “After peering into my pantry and eyeing the familiar plastic grocery bag stuffed with more bags, I finally began to see the mound in a new light. I decided I could turn the waste into a piece of art, something the bags were absolutely not designed for, something that makes a statement. I used grocery bags as material to create a dress! For the top portion, I braided individual strands of bags together and wove all the braids into a triangular shape. For the bubble-like skirt, I constructed a petticoat from large packing bubbles and pieced together multiple bags to layer over the petticoat. Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important practice in our world, and as an artist I feel a responsibility to be resourceful in the materials I already have. I believe it is important to experiment with different materials and concepts, and constantly push the boundaries to develop into a well-rounded designer.”

While we’re not all talented or patient enough to make clothing from shopping bags, if we’re going to help the environment, we must try to avoid allure of disposable, fast fashion and instead look more sustainable practices: avoid known fast fashion manufacturers and stick to those who produce clothing in a more sustainable way; buy second hand items and give them a longer life span; if you’re as creative as Chloe or “Bad Trip” Founder Haylen Wehr, look around your house, or go to the local Goodwill to see what you can save from the landfill. It all makes a difference!