“Not the future, the Present!” – Guest Blog from Sacred Heart Model School

This year we took over 100 students from Sacred Heart Model School to WE Day Community: Kentucky.  As a group, they logged over 2,000 hours in service to attend. Our students were inspired, amazed and energized.  After returning that evening, we met with all of our L7 students and their parents to begin planning their Service Learning projects  for next year.  When we asked the students if anyone wanted to share their experience, a young man, that is usually somewhat reserved, raised his hand quickly to share his insight.  He told the entire group of parents and students that what he heard at WE Day was not that young people are the future of change but they are the PRESENT and that he knows there is so much he can do now.  That says it all, empowering young people to believe they matter today!

  • Susan Snyder, Sacred Heart Model School – WE Day Educator