Kicking off WE 365: Youth Voices weekly program

We are incredibly excited to kick off a new weekly platform for WE Kentucky TODAY!  “WE Wednesday” will feature WE 365: Youth Voices, an interview-style  program on Instagram Live that gives student leaders a chance to talk about issues and causes they care about most.


To launch the program, Elizabeth Johnson, a senior at Stanford Online High School who many will recognize from her role as social media host for WE Day Kentucky 2020 Online, will speak with WE Day KY Youth Board member Kayden Mulrooney about what she has been doing in the time of Covid-19 to make a positive difference. A sophomore at Atherton High School, Kayden loves film, and has used her passion for this medium in many ways, most recently to help the Youth Board create social media campaigns intended to help flatten the curve. Her PSA #WEDayKYMasks4All can be seen with the other WE Film For Change KY category winners on our website,


The fundamental equation that everyone can follow is Gift + Issue = Change.  Kayden is using her gift for film to affect change.  How will you choose to use yours?