Hope in this time of tragedy: our thoughts surrounding Marshall County High School

It is with a heart that is both heavy yet full of hope that I am writing this to you all.  The Marshall County high school shooting was another terrible tragedy in a string of too many school shootings, this time in our own state.  When it is closer to home it seems more tragic, yet every single incident like this is equally devastating to those affected and to us as a society.  The fact that young people feel that harming another person is the only answer to what troubles them is what makes my heart so heavy.  What fills it with hope are the amazing students and educators I am so lucky to get to know every year as we strive to bring WE Day Community Kentucky, a movement of hope, positivity and empowerment to every student in the Commonwealth.  I will share with you that the person who actually told me the news of the shooting at Marshall County High School, and apparently only moments after it occurred, was the Director of Education at WE in Toronto, texting to say she had heard the news and was deeply saddened.  She recalled that there were students from Marshall County that have attended WE Day. She asked if I had any news of them and said she would be thinking of us.  


I imagine it is difficult in the face of a tragedy like this for many of you to muster the enthusiasm and positive energy to go the extra distance with your students as you always do.  You give them the opportunity every day to learn that beyond their academics, it is vital to learn to care about others, and to believe in themselves and the power that they each have to make a positive change in the world.  Please dig down deep and try.  There are so many people like me, like your administrators, like the WE team, like those in your respective communities, and of course the parents of your students, who are on the sidelines cheering you on and appreciating the crucial role that you play in your students lives.  


Thank you for all that you do to make the world a better place one young life at a time.


In appreciation,


Wendy Sirchio

Co-Founder, WE Day Community Kentucky