Call for Personal Care Items: Donate Now!

Jamie Issis, Family Resources Counsellor at Marion C. Moore Middle and High School, and Zainab Alyasseri, a senior at Atherton High School, got of bed on a cold, rainy Saturday morning in order to be at the WLKY studios at the dark early hour of 6:50 am last weekend.  Their motivation? To share with WLKY viewers the importance of answering the WE Day Kentucky Call To Action – to collect and donate personal care items to students in need in Metro Louisville, so that they can attend school with confidence. 

Approximately 10% of students in Jefferson County lack proper hygiene items – toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, feminine hygiene items, to name a few.  Without these items, these students risk being bullied, ostracized and in some cases, long-term health problems, especially related to oral care.  Family Resource Centers within JCPS are often the only place to which students in need can turnoff help.  Without a budget to buy these items, counselors often times purchase such items themselves, if they wish to help their students.

Ms. Issis shares a compelling story from her own experience, and Ms. Alyasseri provides the perspective of a student, and member of the Mayor’s Give A Day/WE Day Youth Board – the organizing body of the Call To Action and the related student-led WE Walk for Compassion, both taking place on April 17th at the Kentucky Center for the Arts.

Please support the WE Day Kentucky Call To Action by donating personal care times at any Heine Brothers, Highland Cleaners and Republic Bank location from now until April 16th, or at the Kentucky Center on April 17th. Recommended items consist of: soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, hand sanitizer, deodorant and feminine hygiene items.

Please help WE Day Kentucky and our partner WLKY make it possible for ALL students to attend school with confidence!

Check out the link to the story on WLKY’s website or at the link below: